The World Cup is coming, and for whatever reason, I couldn’t be more excited. Possibly because my son is now at an age where we can really watch and play the game together, and because he’s fallen in love with the sport. (It’s coming in at a close second to baseballbasketballtennis.)  Quite possibly because I’m finding it ever so invigorating to personally chase around – and *kick* the shit out of – a round object resembling a human head.

Go to the FIFA website for deets and scheds.index.html

Click here for fun, spanky-pants way to watch the tourney at PlayBeautiful (if you’re in NYC)

And keep an eye out for North Korea – that’s the country I’ll be watching for cultural hybrid soccer star Jong Tae-se, Japan born and bred by North and South Korean parents.  Will they go head-to-head with Japan?  This is gonna be good.


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