Happy Birthday, Fanfare/Ponent Mon!

Party it up!  This July 4th marks Span-glish born manga publisher, Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s 13th birthday!

Just in time for summer!  So while you’re watching fireworks, and eating barbecue, remember that tumultuous adolescent age when independence really was something to be celebrated (as opposed to being a precursor to responsibilities and mortgage payments).

Summer + 13yrsold = Huffy bikes and skinned knees, fireflies and stolen kisses, dusky evenings and staying out in the park ’til 10 – with only your friends!  and no parental intervention via cellphone!

This is a big year for Fanfare – see below for a suggestion of who might take home an Eisner! – and I’m eating extra hamburgers to celebrate the publisher that brought us nouvelle manga, Kazuichi Hanawa, and Kiriko Nananan.

Happy Birthday Fanfare/Ponent Mon, Stephen+Ami!

I can’t wait for you guys to take take that Eisner and for more manga!



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  1. […] Cha wishes a happy 13th birthday to Fanfare/Ponent […]

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