I’m Kai-Ming Cha.  I’m the manga editor at Publishers Weekly where I also review a variety of comics and graphic novels.  In addition to PW, I’m a regular reviewer at Kirkus Reviews and Playboy.com.  My reviews and essays have also appeared in IGN.com, Entertainment Weekly, The Comics Journal, the SF Chronicle, and Comic Foundry.

I have a book on manga forthcoming.  It’s  more of a manual and guide than anything and I do hope that it helps make manga more accessible as a medium of entertainment for families, parents, and any adults who are put off by reading backwards.

When I’m not consuming mass quantities of comics, you’ll find me kicking around the city with one of the most kick-ass kids to ever walk this earth – who also happens to be my son.


  1. pressingdigressions said

    Thanks for the link on Twitter!

  2. Sung Shin said

    Do you have any extra tickets for the MIyazaki event? I would be willing to pay double the price. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Sung Shin,

      Thanks for reading my blog. Unfortunately, I don’t have extra tickets or anything so privileged. Maybe Craigslist or an anime message board?

      Wish I could be of more help and hope to see you there!

  3. Sung Shin said

    thanks anyway. =)

  4. Jimmy Holdsworth said

    I don’t have a comment, more of a question.

    Summer of 1993, Talketna Bluegrass Festival at the base of Denali, working for the commercial fisheries and random road trips to Seward??

    If you do not remember this, please disregard this message.

    may be thinking of someone else.

    Anyway, Hope all is well.


    • Oh, it’s me you’re thinking of – not someone else ^_^

      Glad to see you here, J (dude! you’re still alive!) I’ll DM you shortly.

  5. smz said

    Hello! I saw on the Asian American Comicon site that you were the moderator for the panel discussion “The Asianization of Pop Culture.” While I was unable to attend, I am wondering whether you know of anyone who has recorded this panel? I am currently doing my MA thesis on Asian North American comics and its relation to popular culture, and information from the panel would be a great help. Thanks!

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