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Kenjiro Kitade “DROPS”: Hiroshima-Nagasaki 65 yrs

Remember, if you really want to reduce your carbon footprint/negative impact on the environment, say “no” to nukes.

Kenjiro Kitade Exhibiton
65 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Ivy Brown Gallery is pleased to present “DROPS” (Aug 6- Nov 1) an exhibition
of sculpture by Kenjiro Kitade. The exhibition takes its title from the dropping of
the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Kitade seeks to drop a powerful
mode of questioning into the midst of our complacency in the face of the
nuclear threat.
Many of the sculptures in the exhibit are curious figures with human bodies and
the heads of sheep. Traditionally sheep have been a symbol of obedience and
cowardice, and in the face of nuclear annihilation the metaphor is all the more
The sculptures are grouped in scenes that fall into three categories of past,
present, future. Towards the start of the exhibit we are met by two figures from
the past named Agyho and Ungyo, the traditional guardians of temples in
Japan. Here it is hoped that the sacrifices of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will guard
against future nuclear proliferation. Later, in the present, we encounter eight
sheep-headed figures representing the nuclear and non-nuclear nations, each
holding apples of temptation. In another scene we are presented with a nuclear
game of chicken. Figures representing nuclear nations sit above an image of an
atomic blast. The viewer can press a “hot button” that makes the atomic image
flash, illustrating the choice that people have to engage in nuclear destruction
or not. Also in the show will be a small tree grown from seeds from a tree that
survived the atomic blast in Hiroshima, offering hope for the future. Kitade will
make the pot for the tree out of the same clay that he fashions his sculptures.

About the artist: Kenjiro Kitade was born in Tokyo, Japan in February 1977.
In 1995 he enrolled at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education,
majoring in Fine Art and also completed a masters program there, concentrating
in ceramic sculpture. Career highlights include the bronze at the World Ceramic
Exposition in South Korea in 2005, and later showing at the highly selective
SOFA show (Sculpture Objects and Functional Art) in Chicago, Miami and New
York. Living and working in New York City, he participates in numerous art fairs
and exhibitions, working with several galleries nationally and internationally.

DROPS will open on Friday. Aug 6, and runs through Monday, Nov 1.
Gallery hours: Monday-Saturday, 12pm-6pm.
Opening reception – Friday, August 6th
from 6pm to 9pm.

Ivy Brown Gallery is located in the heart of the Meatpacking district at 675
Hudson Street, 4th floor (between W13th St and W14th St).
Phone: 212 -925 -1111


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Nike Fat: Tiger Stripes in the Year of the Tiger

So Lunar New Year festivities are done and gone, but here’s a way to keep the year at a deafening roar:

I saw these down in Soho and I’m not sure how recent they are, but all I could think of when I was looking at them, nose pressed into the foggy glass an’ all, is “They’re Grrreat!”

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Yoshitomo Nara!

Will be at Blum&Poe in LA from now ’til Jan. 31st. (link via Eric Nakamura/Giant Robot)

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Unrelated: something sweet to put a warm smile on your face

I think cupcakes are a wonderful thing.  And anyone who knows me knows that I consider cupcakes to be God’s gift to frosting.

I’ve blogged about baker extraordinaire, Tawny Ong, and lo!  The Faerie Princess of Spun Sugar and Chocolate Ganache is holding a cupcake soiree! Yea, baby!  Modern Vintage Designs and Spoon+Fork Studio will also be hosting.

This will be taking place tomorrow night at the Point Studio, hpgrp gallery, on Little West 12th St., from 6-9.  Be sure to RSVP to hold a space.  In fact, it may be too late.  Haha, yeah, I posted late on purpose.  But if you do secure a spot, come early; my son and I have the most charming habit of licking the frosting off the tops of the small, cup-shaped cakes, and then putting them back on the serving platter.  Just a little trick we picked up from touring the pre-K to 3rd-grade birthday party circuit.

Kuroda-sensei’s Mad Flower show is also currently on exhibit at hpgrp, and will be up ’til Dec. 14th.  Checkitout!

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Something fun

In celebration of Fashion Week (which starts tomorrow and runs til the end of next week), and in anticipation of the New York Anime Festival, Kinokuniya is hosting an Ino Hidefumi listening session at their store across the street fr. Bryant Sq. Park on Sept. 10, 5:30 pm.  Samurai Beat Radio will debut two new Ino albums, “Satisfaction” and “Live Messages” and will also have a podcast with Ino himself on their webpage (forthcoming).

Press release below, or click on “listening session,” “Ino,” or “Satisfaction” in the above graph for music samples:

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Little monster….not so little any more

Somebody turned 8 today.

Ahh, youth…

Happy Birthday Little Monster!

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